Cut the Marketing Bullsh*t & get to the point

The quote is from John C Jay in the great video Briefly and is something I think many businesses need to do.

For so long now we’ve been inundated with buzz words and jargon accompanied by flash presentations and slick TV ads designed by committee’s of marketers who take genuine ideas & experiences then bleed them dry.

It’s time to get back to basics and be honest with ourselves but more importantly our customers, lets give them what they want and cut the jargon, be honest with them and tell them how what we do can enhance their experience in live and give them the user experience they want.

If you truly have a great product, service or brand you need that to resonate and don’t need to be bombarding your target market with bulls**t.

Let’s get back to basics and start being honest.

You can watch Briefly over at:

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