10 Things Marketers are Doing Wrong When Targeting “Millennials”

  1. You’re Targeting “Millennials”

Using the target group of Millennials is just weak and lazy, its become a Bullshit Bingo buzzword and covers a ridiculously broad group of people from those born in the 80’s to in some definitions the early 00’s.

These generations grew up in totally different eras, experienced different things and definitely engage and interact in different ways. If your strategy revolves around targeting them then you need to rethink and get more focused.

2. – 10. There isn’t any. Just stop at number 1 and rethink your target market and focus and get to know your customers. Don’t lump then into one extremely diverse group and expect results, there is some amazing in depth technology to understanding demographics, utilise it and you will get better results.

If you’re agency or marketing team use the “Millennial” term then challenge them and probably get ready to go separate ways.

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