Tide & David Harbour win Super Bowl Ad Battle

Every year the battle for NFL supremacy and “World Champion” status (don’t get me started on that phrase) happens on the field, the 52nd version saw the Philadelphia Eagles beat favourites New England Patriots to lift the Lombardi Trophy, with an estimated 110 million plus viewers tuning in, however there was also another big winner on the night.

Tide & David Harbour scored a win of their own and have dominate the Brand Bowl and online conversation during this years game. Many viewers now watch the game just for the ads and with a 30 second ad slot costing $5million their is a lot of pressure to perform.

This year Tide, who’ve been in the press for the wrong reasons of late, have totally flipped the game and created some memorable ads utilising Stranger Things’ David Harbour in mocking some of the most iconic Super Bowl ads from years gone by, from the Old Spice Guy to beer ads and even the Budweiser Horses.

When brands are prepared to have a bit of fun and call on nostalgia it makes for a great impact, and Tide have certainly scored a touchdown with their attempts this year and have gathered much of the online chatter with the “It’s a #TideAd” tagline, it looks like $15 million well spent.

It’s important to get the right balance with adverts, viewers are becoming tired of cheesy over the top celebrity endorsements or big blockbuster ads, sometimes showing the product exactly how it should be used is simply enough to score success, and that is exactly how Jeep went with their “Anti-Manifesto” advert for the new Wrangler, plain and simple .

giving the gold to @Jeep for best ad. a single shot of a Wrangler just crusing through a creek and up a rock. no nauseating cuts or celebrity needed. its the only ad that made me think “thats a great product” – Brandon Moore, Miami Dolphins / Graphic Artist

Though Jeep did also provide another great celeb based advert that featured Jeff Goldblum and a flash back to his days in Jurrasic Park.

One of the most audacious ads, and one with definitely the biggest build up was the upcoming Crocodile Dundee sequel, which in turn was actually an advert for Tourism Australia. They even did a full “Cast Intro” trailer and pulled together some of the countries biggest stars.

So what was your favourite or most memorable ad of Super Bowl LII, leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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